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November 28, 2007



I have had the chance to test this machine. At the beginning I was pretty suspect. But when I start to test with two prengants and pretty fat I start to belive that I was in front of a sort of amazing trick. The capability to by-pass the fat problem of the abdomen is a good mark for Terason 300. It offers 3 options about this: skin, mid and fat women. Not bad at all ! The quality of the images is stunning ! The zooming on details is incredibilly full of details and the colour dopple and PW is pretty good, even if it is necessary to set very well the parameters to get a good result, if u want to you the color session. The only con are the small buttons and sometimes the confusion to use them but it is only a question of skill. More you use and more you get skilled. Pro is the Mac tech applied in XP enviroment. Not bad at all because made of this machine a real super portable one. Maybe if there could be a bluetooth and wi-fi connection, could help more the portability. But you can buy a BT tumbler and the problem is easily fixed. Something about the exterior appereance. Well, it reminds a Mac !! The screen is very good (15" wide) and the weight is acceptable.

Conclusions: 9/10 !

Brian Gill

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for your comments. I have yet to see it in "action" but I'd agree, the folks at Terason we're really excited about the product. It's refreshing to see a company in which its reps are so excited to tell people about what they're doing, as opposed to the classic lame and semi-arrogant response at other manufacturers.

If you stopped by the Siemens booth, then you also found out the reps couldn't tell you much about the product either. I had to TELL THEM that it was really running Windows! They tried to argue with me about it, pointing out that "It says MacBook Pro" right here! I pointed out the Start menu and all that other stuff and they finally came around to realize that it's a MacBook Pro running BootCamp. They didn't know about the advantages of the Mac for viewing the images or anything like that. Siemens really left its reps in the dark. I guess they're not releasing the P50 until second quarter '08 anyway. I think the P50s will go into the $40k plus range, as well, to put them head-to-head with the Vivid i. Frankly, I would go with Terason, too, the warranty is too much to pass up.


Hugh Kilburn

The technology of Terason is world class and has been under research for over 20 years. Siemens are adding some of their own software but are likely to inflate the price. Customers are still be able to buy an almost identical product from Terason at a cheaper price and in some countries Siemens are unable to sell at all because of existing exclusive agreements with Terason dealers. The Terason people, who I also spoke with at RSNA, also seem to have a much better understanding of the product than Siemens. I'll be buying Terason 3000 and not P50.

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