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January 08, 2008


dr khalique ur rehman

price of t3000

nate hollander

I want to purchase either a Mindray DP6600Mindray Bio-medical electronics) or a Shantou Institute ( is CTS-7700. Both are chinese manufactured ultrasound units. We want to use it for spinal ultrasounds and extremeties for patients in doctor's offices. If any who has had experience with either of these ultrasound units would be kind enough to give me feedback as we want to purchase one of these units in the near future. Please email me at: Thank you, Nate Hollander

Kian SOH

Dear Diagnostic Ultrasound,

Thank you for putting up such wonderful comments about MINDRAY's range of products.

In fact, I have been selling MINDRAY's Ultrasound Systems for OVER 3 years now, and I have seen our market share grow at a phenomenal rate.

While working for MINDRAY, I was working in Latin America Markets for 2 1/2 years, and your analysis is simply accurate, and straight to the point.

We are filling the LOW-END, LOW-MID END, and sometimes MID END market level.

Our corporate policy is to offer optimal price-performance systems to the market.

You said it right, today, it's either an OLDER REFURBISH SYSTEM or a MINDRAY Ultrasound :)


Kian SOH
Senior Regional Manager

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