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March 06, 2008


Brian Gill

Hello Anne,
It sounds like you may not have the vet options enabled or possibly you weren't trained on all the system's features on the T3000 (are you Macintosh Terason T3000 or Samsung)? The vet presets may not be optimized for what you're looking at, and I don't know if they were available for the Samsung T3000 ultrasound... or you might just be used to different images. Overall it should be very easy to optimize, and you could then save your own presets. I sent you private email on this and we can start a conversation so I can put you in touch with the correct people at Terason (if I can't help you). Thanks!

Anne Elise Napier


I am a veterinarian and have owned a Terason 3000 for about 6 months. There are cool things that can be done with it, but I am spending a lot of time being frustrated by image quality, color flow Doppler quality, etc. I suspect that there are settings that I am lacking. Are there resources out there that you know of, that could help me tweak this machine to make it work well? I don't want to give up on it, but I am not getting the technical support that I need. I have used the Ausonics Impact, Acuson Cypress, LogicBook, Sonosite 180H and Micromaxx in the course of my career and have not experienced this level of frustration. Perhaps my expectations were very high.

Anne Elise

Brian Gill

Hello Dr. Culliton,

Thanks for your note. Each machine has its advantages in the anesthesia market, and they’ll all say their system is best. They’re all capable machines, but typically the GE systems are ruled out if you’re looking at the Logiq e. It’s a nice unit, but the Terason and SonoSite typically win in an imaging comparison and ease of use in your field.

For what you’re doing, frankly, what it typically comes down to is: Image Quality, Ease of Use, Price... Typically in that order. I’d say you have two great systems there (ruling out the GE), and obviously I’m partial to the Terason. I think the Terason is easier, is more versatile, has a better and larger screen, and is quicker to optimize an image. In addition, you can use a wireless mouse to control it from the other side of the patient and you can be scanning with two clicks of the mouse (by you or an assistant).

Regarding probes... Well, evaluating an image will tell you the results there. I’d be surprised if you liked the GE over the others. They all have compound imaging (different names for similar methods) and they all will tell you about their different and better technology; and they all will believe what they say, which makes your job the difficult one.

My opinion: The GE is probably the lowest of the three for what you’re doing. The next two are typically more subjective of a choice... The S-Nerve is very specific to its application, which can be a positive and a negative. The Terason is more versatile and (in my opinion) easier to use. I think if you scanned 10 patients with each, you’d find that: The Terason will give you quicker image optimization when a new patient is on the table. You won’t have to change the depth, gain, focal zones, maps, frequency range, etc. One-click does it for you on the Terason. The other systems make you go through a couple steps in order to optimize the image for different patients. To me, that’s what is so attractive about the Terason... Ease of use and quick changes to settings.

Long answer to your question: SonoSite or Terason. I would lean towards the Terason. I’m really partial to the system for, among other reasons, what I’ve stated above. It’s easy and has great image quality. Price is last, but I think it’s actually less expensive than the S-Nerve.

I hope that helps!

Brian Gill
President, GPS Medical, Inc.

Mike Culliton

I am an anesthesiologist look at US machines for nerve blocks we have looked at the Sonosite S nerve the GE logic E and the Terason machines in this order. We are feeling like some of the better image quality is due to us seeing more Ultrasound and actually starting to understand what we see. Each sales rep had something which was very impressive and made the task of comparison daunting. GE touts thier transducers have the greatest number of crystal arrays and give the best image but we thought that Terason was very similar. What is your take on image quality and has GE recently done something to upgrade thier image quality? What is your your opinion on these three units?

Brian Gill

Hi Brian,

That sounds about right. I haven't seen the Turbo yet, but the terason should beat the image on the logiq e, I has more channels which should beat the xbeam.

For price, the Terason will be a bit more expensive but the warranty is 3 years. GE will charge a few thousand for each additional year. The Logiq I would be more of a competitor, i'm assuming because the image of the vivid I (upgrade to the e) is more comparable.

Good luck, I'm interested in hearing your opinion.

Brian Gill
President, GPS Medical Inc.
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Brian Keroack

Hi Brian and all,

I am a rheumatologist who has been looking into MSK ultrasound for the last 1.5- 2 years. I have taken the Cooper and Rochester courses and read 2 texts and multiple articles and attend ACR national meeting. I have demoed several machines and keep coming back to the GE logiq e. The new b-steer for procedures and X-beaming are impressive and I fount it pretty user friendly. I have not seen the Terason t3000 yet but have an upcoming demo (already saw biosound, sonosite M-turbo, and Zonare). How does the Terason image quality compare? The price of a GE uniit is 35-37K with a 1 year warranty---how does the price of the Terason compare for a rheumatologist without deep pockets? I plan to get a machine as there are so many times I could answer an important patient question (esp shoulder stuff) or need needle guidance (despite 20 years and thousands of injections). Thanks for your input.


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