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December 22, 2009


Brian Gill

Thank you Philip,

I have video captured for the M-Turbo ultrasound review and I will be posting it soon. They take a while to produce, so it's a matter of free-time. I like the M-Turbo, and my opinion of it has changed since my initial capture of the video. I like it a lot and it does a nice job imaging.

I also have videos coming up for the Mindray M7 and some comparisons of the Voluson 730 systems.

Thanks again for your comment,


Great Insight on the M-Turbo. Will you have a video review on the SonoSite M-Turbo soon? I am very interested in seeing it.

Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment

This is great thing to know that M-Turbo ultrasounds are now available in the market and with warranties.. Hospital need to have more of this kind of machine. Nice post! Very impormative!

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