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February 25, 2010



Can I save "movies" with DP-6600? if Yes, how?


I have the problem, would appreciate help, I am unable to see the menu screen, it froze on the start image. Please help, Thanks.

Aortic Valve Replacement

Is this suitable for my heart valve replacement procedure? What would my doctor be using?

dr gakreddi

how is philips xmatrix iu22?

Brian Gill

Regarding the Price on the DP-6600, I haven't run into a problem with the price for vets... depending on what you plan on doing with the machine. For very very basic stuff, it might be overkill, but for those who want a new machine with good imaging, private vets and veterinary hospitals found it to be a good fit... however it depends on what types of studies you're doing. Send me an email at and let me know what studies you're performing. Maybe I can help.



This ultrasound machine seems really efficient and effective "Vet but i do find it highly expensive and i guess only private and huge hospitals can afford that machine. Too bad local hospitals wont be able to use such thing. .


Can you give more information about this Mindray DP-6600?Thank you so much!

Brian Gill

Regarding the SIUI system, I really don't deal with them much at all. SIUI has been around for quite some time, but typically in your situation, if you're looking for new, I would go with the Mindray DP-6600 ultrasound system for a portable solution... assuming you're not looking for color Doppler. If you need color or Doppler in a portable ultrasound machine, the GE Logiqbook XP or SonoSite Titan portable ultrasound systems would be a better solution.

-Brian Gill
GPS Medical

Brian Gill

Dr. Joseph,

Great question! I am starting to get into the vet market more and I haven't had a lot of time to experiment with it. There are quite a few different applications, and I'm speaking to two different vets right now, who do two very different things. One needs a machine that costs less than $9,000. The other is looking at a price of over $50,000!!

For cats and dogs, we should probably catch up and chat. You can reach me at via a personal email.

-Brian Gill

Andrea Bean

Hello, can you give me some info on the SIUI CTS 7700? I'm looking to buy 2 of them.
Thank you,
Andrea Bean
Executive Director
Morning Star Pregnancy Services

DVM JosephAP


You didn't mention anything about small animals. I am a vet looking at doing cats and dogs. Is there anything for my practice that will be a dog/cat system that is good? Do I need color or Doppler?

Thanks for your great review on the portable ultrasound. I looked for other Veterinary information here but you don't have any. Will you do more veterinary ultrasound reviews or otherwise? I would love to see it because there isn't much there for us.

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