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February 20, 2010


Robert Sadaty

Can you bill Medicare if the patient comes in with abdominal pain and you do an on the spot U/S of the GB? I think not but I don't know for sure.

shelley henson

I have and ER physician that enjoys using our much larger portable ultrasound maching. How much is this pocket size version Vscan?


Why can't you bill using this Ultrasound? If a diagnosis can be made with this ultrasound then I see no reason why it does not suffice.


I'm going to get one. 8G is a lot, but I think it's a reasonable price for X-ray vision. You can always bill for it indirectly via critical care time.

Maria Sef

Could I Have an expert's opinion on the following subject? is Aloka A6 superior inferior or the same with GE S5 as to the quality of image and reliability? (for cardological use in a private practice)
Thank you.


It comes with a removeable 4 gb Micro SD card, so I would imagine that the images are available. You may need appropriate software, like PACS to view.

At $7900, I'm tempted to pick one up. I have no intention of billing with it anyway.

S. East

This really does have the WOW! factor going on. Question: are the images downloadable? Would I be able to ship it by email to another Doc?


Can someone tell me or direct me on the power consumption of Acuson P10 or GE's VScan ultrasound? I am doing a research on development a charge station for these units for the remote sites. however I can not find any information on the power consumption. such as the wattage of the unit or the battery voltage and mAh.
Thank you.

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