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September 03, 2010



We are in México.
I will be very specific on this we have experience with VOLUSON 730 EXPERT and PRO we know the difference.
The question is how steady , technically speking,is the E8 BT08 ?

Victor Sandrasagra

Hello, do you know where I can get my hands on some archive footage of 4D Ultrasound in HD of the Voluson 8E? Thanks. Victor

Account Deleted

hello brian gill
how good is philips xmatrix iu22 ?which is better e8 or xmatrix iu22?

Brian Gill

Hi Chappy,

It sounds to me like you need to reinstall the software and you possibly have a bad motherboard. If you've had this problem repeatedly, I would suggest contacting GE and getting a replacement system for what you've purchased unless this has been a somewhat intermittent problem. The Voluson E8 BT08 system has been much more reliable and we haven't had any issues with it.

The main issue we've had with the GE Voluson e8 BT08 system is the fact that its improvement has been quite dramatic. We've had some issues with the presets at this point and we've figured out some excellent improvements to the 2D and particularly the 4D imaging, which is quite a trick because it has so many different customizations and optimization tools that trial-and-error is often the best way to go.

Many GE applications specialists and others have noticed this, too, regarding the Voluson e8. But we've pretty much nailed it down.

Give me a call if you're looking to replace that Voluson e8 BT06. The e8 systems are tough to find but worth the wait.


Chappy Cleveland

I use the Voluson E8 at work. We repair all ultrasound 4D probes. The unit is awesome when it works, after warms up. My quess is that we have the older version with repeated problems. The problem is failers at boot up with this file FILE.\initHW\LoadFPGA_Config.cpp:67 Module: 'kernek32.dll'. But as I said after warmup machine operates awesome. We have had to replace power supply (twice) & another board within the last few months. My question is: can this be fixed or should I convince my boss to get new, when we can find one.

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