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November 24, 2010


Dr Benoit Meunier

Can yoiu send any informations about DC7 full range option five probes , endo, abdominaln phased aray 4Dand linear. withn the price.
Dr Benoit Meunier

Sheryl Cramer, MD, MPH, FACS

I am a housecall physician, moving from one Medicare-housebound patient to another in a small van. I would like to start doing ultrasounds at the bedside (I'm a former trauma surgeon, and did lots of FAST scans and US-guided breast biopsies). I need a lightweight, durable unit with excellent image quality. The most likely diagnoses are pleural effusions, pericardial effusions, urinary obstruction, cholecystitis/cholelithiasis/choledocholithiasis, and sequential measurements of abdominal aortic aneuysms. Price is of course important, since I only see the Medicare housebound. Where do I start?

osman elbadawi

Dear Mr. Brian. I hope you are Fine!
I interested in your Mindray ultrasound system kindly send me catalouge with price.

dr vraach

alpha6 is better than voluson anyday


Hi Brian,
Great Video and Review. I question however that as an Authorized Distributor of Mindray Equiptment if your review is an advertisement rather than an unbiased evaluation.



hello mr.brian
could you please share your knowledge about how far mindray dc 7 is good on cardio vascular imaging?
thank you

Rugby Medical

We are looking for a GE LOGIQ Book XP for a South American client. Where do we start? Do we go to GE or are there larger suppliers out there we can turn to who can help us source it?

Brian Gill

Hi Dr. Singh,

I have only had one service issue with any of the Mindray products I've sold and it was a minor battery issue. I've had Mindray systems in the field for more than 2 years and the service record has been better than any other. Apparently Mindray makes its own parts. Although it's a Chinese company, I've found nothing cheap about them. Granted, however, I did not recommend some of the early iterations of the M5 because of its color Doppler, but the quality is excellent and they haven't broken down on me yet.

Brian Gill

Hello Emilios,

Sorry, my original response apparently did not get posted. I would not consider the DC-7 a "High End" system such as the Philips IU-22, GE Logiq e9, or the Siemens S2000 systems. Those systems have higher-end technologies that you would typically find in a specialized environment, research environment, or hospital that would typically see more difficult patients and more rare cases.

For OB/GYN use, the high-end systems would be most often found in perinatology, or other specialized environments that may require the highest frame rates or imaging technologies to help in more difficult environments.

The fact is, most mid-range systems today provide image quality that is more than adequate. We have many OB/GYNs who are happy with older ATL HDI 3000 units, GE Logiq 400s and other systems that haven't been around for many years.

The Mindray DC-7 would be most comparable to the GE P5 or the Siemens X300 system. Probably better than the Philips HD11, but that's a fairly subjective comment.

I hope that helps.

Brian Gill
President, GPS Medical, Inc.

Dr Prakash Singh

Dear Brian,

Thanks for your video.I am apprhensive about competitor labelling as cheap chienese product.Have you any found compalints regarding its breakdown or image quality deteriorating over time ?

with regards,

Dr.Prakash Singh.


I hope to have good day

regarding Mindray DC-7 with 5 probes (Convex-linear-Transvaginal-Echo-4D).

can you provide me with your best FOB price
is the machine ready for use or there is any software needed.

Emilios Grigoriadis

Hello Brian,
I would like your opinion as an expert if you classify the DC-7 in the high-end systems, especially in ob/gyn use. What is your opinion upon the features of this system and which other systems is it comparable to.
Tnx in advance

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