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April 27, 2011



This review is great. But I hope to see comparisons to other leading key players on Healthcare Equipment Industry such as GE and Philips..

Thank you for this.


The Micromaxx is a great product for my needs. I am a podiatrist with two offices so its portability and durability is outstanding. It is good for sports injuries as we can take the machine out in the field. I obtained my machine in December 2005. The only problems have been with the charger and charging system. Sonosite provided great service on the unit and we extended the service contract out until December 2011 and will probably extend it one more year as getting a new unit is a bit tougher since reimburesments for MSK ultrasound have decreased. I have been trying to convince our organization, APMA, to fight for fairer reimbursements with little success to date. I have seen pathology such as partial achilles tears and posterior tibial tendinosis when MRIs have come back negative. MRIs for patients with lateral ankle instability (tears of the anterior talofibular ligament) which look normal on MRI often can be better demonstrated on MSk because we can stress the ankle (stress inversion) while observing the ligament.

I don't think I got the best lease on the unit though. Wonder what the going price is?

Ed Davis, DPM

vancouver babypack

I will try to review some more about that portable ultrasound coz we might need it in our clinic for emergency purposes in lying in. Im not saying your product is not good but i would have to review more and then i will decide later.

Boki, Ultrasound Machines Today

MicroMaxx seems like a very interesting and useful tool. I'll blog about this.

Philip Glencross

I only wish I had gone with my first impulse, to purchase from a solid company such as Sonosite. I wanted the latest and greatest MSK system and was prepared to pay for it but ended up working with a vendor that not only lead me astray but failed to deliver. If you want to know who I purchased from give me a call (number removed) I will tell you the vendor and the manufacturer. I have no gripes with the machine but I don't think you could have worse customer service and fulfillment. I prepaid for a system upgrade and have not receive it for 9 months. Buyer beware. If I had purchased the Sonosite I am sure I would not have been an unhappy customer at this point.

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