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May 02, 2007


Gladys Cunningham

Does the Voluson I come with a DVR to record or do you have to purchase a medical DVR? The medical DVR's are real expensive.

 3d ultrasounds

3d ultrasound opened a new revolution in this century we should thank the Olaf von Ramm who is the developer of the new revolution .its really amazing Idea i can see the very clear View Of My 2nd baby in My ovary :)

Brian Gill


Also be sure to check out the video I just posted on the Voluson i. It is much more in-depth.

Brian Gill

Hi Anthony,

I have not yet done the side-by-side comparison (as of early February 2011) but I should have something next month. There are a few advantages to the M7, and the images I've seen look very good. The key will be that it's priced lower. I have not heard anything negative yet, but again, I haven't seen it first-hand. Are you looking in the near future? Contact me at and I can answer some more of your questions or follow=up with you when I have more information.
Brian Gill, GPS Medical


how does it compare to the mindray M7

Mostafa Yousef

I want to buy Voluson I and I want to know more information about its colour doppler, power doppler. Does it have the same function as Voluson 8e console?

Esther Thurmim

Would you know if the latest Voluson is really better than the older 2008 model when it comes to viewing the baby's face and features?


carlos siles

im interested in buying a voluson i but i have other unit in mind like the mindray m7 which is cheaper. i have a mindray m5 and it is better than averaga on the 2d abdominal image. and it is 10/10 in vaginal. the only thing im worried is the quality of image on the voluson i. what is your opinion on the voluson i and the mindray 7?

Brian Gill

The price for these transducers is currently more than $5,500 because there is a global shortage and they're simply not available as of May 2010. Hopefully there will be more available soon! You can email me at when you feel your probe is no longer useable and I can quote you. For now, you might want to hang onto that probe for a little longer.


Any idea about the cost of the 4D volume probe (OB/GYN) for the Voluson i? I am having problems with my probe and was wondering how much it would cost to replace it.

Brian Gill

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your comments on the Voluson i. This is probably the most common question I receive about the Voluson ultrasound systems... that is, second to "I get fuzzy images"

To answer your question, I would really need to see what you're doing and what your images look like.

When I sell a system or do any training, I overwrite some of the factory presets and customize them to your needs... most of which are the same for those looking at a baby's face (your typical type of patient may change the preset). I have a couple options for you.

1. I created a video that goes through the Voluson i that goes through all its paces and shows you how to optimize images in 2D and 4D. It goes to all the customers who purchase a Voluson i from me (free) but I could sell you a copy if you're interested.
2. I also provide on-site applications training for most ultrasound systems, but I'm particularly good with the Voluson i. This would supplant the video.

Beyond that, you'd really have to have someone evaluate what you're doing because there's no "quick fix" if your technique isn't correct or your settings don't match your type of patients and preferences for image quality.

If you want, you could purchase the video and I could do consulting with you over the phone and email as I do with all my Voluson customers. The phone and email consulting would be free with the purchase of the Voluson Training Video.

Contact me at and I'd be happy to catch up with you. Also, where are you located? This would determine if on-site training would be a reasonable option (price).


Melissa Bekedam

Hello, I was wondering if you could help? I have been an Ultrasound tech for 11 years and have recently purchased a used Voluson i. I am having a hard time fine tuning my 3d/4d picture. I was just wondering if you could refer me to a site or person that would help me. I get a decent picture but feel there is more to it than I know. For instance I can see babys face very well but alot of the time the nose is not defined perfectly (kind of blurry). Maybe this a setting I have wrong? Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

Dan G.

My wife has been an Ultrasound tech for 15 years and we are in the process of starting a Mobile Ultrasound business. Can anyone tell me what the rules are for physician offices, i.e. OB/GYN, billing for these exams? I know many of them do it but there seems to be some confusion as to what the correct procedure actually is. There will be an independent Radiologist involved to read and interpret most if not all of the scans.

L Littlewood

I have a Voluson i that I am looking to sell. We bought it about a year ago for a "keepsake" ultrasound business and due to the economic downturn it has just not been doing what we need in order to justify keeping this machine. It is in perfect condition, has only been used on about 15 procedures, comes with an OB probe and is still under warranty. Please contact me if you are interested and give me a contact number.

Dr sanjay Verma

I am also using the portable voluson GE machine , and I am satisfied with the machine

Brian Gill

There are other systems available that are less expensive, but the Voluson i is the only portable system out there. It will likely remain at a high price because of it's limited availability and no competition. If you're looking for a less expensive system, there is the Voluson 730 Pro and "original" or 1.07 system.

Ronke Dosunmu


Looking for a 3D/$D ultrasound for a non-medical prenatal baby view facility. I would prefer a portable system. What do you recommend? Is there anything out there that is not as pricy as the Voluson i?

Brian Gill (Author)

This is a great question... you can look everywhere and find conflicting information from GE. The fact is, there isn't much out there because it's a new product. I haven't heard of any hitting the market, but it's important that they differentiate between the Voluson e and Voluson i. What I can tell you, however, is that if the Voluson e and Voluson i follow the same road as the Logiq i and the Logiq e, then the answer would be as follows:

SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging) and CRI (CrossXBeam) are both standard on the Voluson i. The units we've seen all have CrossXBeam and SRI enabled, although I'm sure there's an exception to that rule out there... typically these will be the standard. The Voluson e would be considered the lesser model, but is too new and we haven't seen them yet, but if we follow GE's logic on their other radiology Logiq e and Logiq i ultrasound systems, then you would have "compound" imaging on the 12L linear probe only on the Voluson e... there would not be CrossXBeam. SRI would not be available on the Voluson e and would be standard on the Voluson i.

The image difference would be limited to the CrossXBeam and SRI features, which are very helpful in 2D.

Pricing would be about $10,000 difference between the two. Our 2-probe Voluson i systems are selling at $61,000-$65,000 right now for the configuration you've given, down from $69,000 in May. We're looking at purchasing some other Voluson i systems... they last in-stock for about three days before they're gone, so I'm surprised to see the pricing go down instead of up. Send me an email if you'd like a quote on one. bgillgps at (replace the "at" with @ for the email address and remove the spaces around it... I get too much spam if I post my actual address).

Brian Gill
President, GPS Medical, Inc.

Matias Elena

Do you know if the srs an CRI is an option or is standard in Voluson i/e ?
Do you have the opportunity to compare the 2d image of Voluson e/i ?
Do you know the price of Voluson i ad the difference with voluson e? (standard configuration with 2 transduers one voumetric and one endocavity 2d).

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