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May 21, 2007



Hello Mr. Gill

I am an ultrasound Tech who is planning to go into business for myself. I am looking for a machine to do Vascular, Abdomen, OB/Gyn, and small parts. What machine would you recommend for image quality, user friendliness, and a good price range? I am currently using the GE logiq e the image quality doesn't seem that great to me, especially in obese patients. Also are there any companies you recommend buying used or refurbished machines from?

Thank you,

dr ankur k chaudhari

I am dr ankur. I am a physician intrested in in buying portable echo machine.for cardiac work which one is better TITAN OR GE LOGIQE BOOK XP??



ultrasound technician requirements

Ultrasound Technician Requirements The ultrasound technology is used to asses the condition of internal organs. Body organs are different from each other and therefore different methods are used to examine them using the ultrasound machine. Ultrasound technicians are responsible for taking and interpreting ultrasound images in hospitals and laboratories.

Dr Jagdish

hello Mr Brian
i am looking for an ultrasound machine for obs-gyn,abdomen scanning along with echo. My budget is about 7 to 10 lakh rupees.can you please suggest me an appropriate machine.
thank you
DR Jagdish

Brian Gill

Hello Dr. Far,

Yes, there is a large difference between the two systems, and the Mindray is quite a bit better. The LogiqBook XP is considered more of a low-end portable ultrasound while the Mindray M5 is considered a mid-range ultrasound. THe Mindray M5 is a competitor to the GE Logiq e, which is the upgrade/newer model of the GE LogiqBook XP. There is quite a big difference between image quality between the two, and the LogiqBook XP is not being made any longer. They are all refurbished units. SO, the difference in price is definitely warranted. Plus, the Mindray will come with a long warranty and the LogiqBook XP is only available refurbished and has a shorter warranty (adding a longer warranty increases the price too). I hope that helps.
Brian Gill, President, GPS Medical, Inc.

Nezhat M Far

Hi Mr. Brian. Thank you for very comprehensive article.I am a gynecologist, I do about 30-40 endovaginal sonography scanning per day for infertility treatment. I have an old Aloka machine I am interested to buy a portable device. Is there really very much difference between GE logiqbook XP and Mindray? Is the differnce in price explainable?
I appreciate your prompt reply.

Dr.Ashwini Rathore

can you please tell me which company's portable sonography machine will be better for new starter sonologist. also tell me prize. thank you

Dr. Hansra

I am planning to buy Sonosite Titan for portable Echocardiography. How are its reviews in cardiology? Can u suggest any other alternative?


Hi Brian, can I use one of these sistem for cardiac? I didn't see the CW button on the keybord. Thanks! Titus


Great information. thank you for sharing this to us. Let us know if you have more info. to be posted. Thanks!


It provides health care professionals with state of the art high-resolution imaging wherever needed for responsive, rapid patient care.
Very nice article!

Morten Spangsbjerg

Hello Brian,

thanks so much for your feedback. With respect to image quality I agree with you. I just wanted your opinion about the "overall package" which I have now with your answer. I'll go ahead with the Mindray. Thanks for your advice. Great site, btw.

Best regards,

Brian Gill

Hello Morton,

Thanks for writing. The answer to your question of the SonoSite Titan vs The Mindray M5 is quite easy.... if the prices are similar, the Mindray wins hands-down. The imaging is markedly better and the machine is much more versatile in nearly every category imaginable... But most importantly, the image quality is much better with the Mindray over the SonoSite. If the prices are within $5,000, there is no question at all. If it's more of a price difference, I'd say go with the Mindray M5 unless your budget cannot handle it. These should be priced about $10,000 differently.

Please write back if you have any questions. THanks so much for writing!
Brian Gill
GPS Medical, Inc.

Morten Spangsbjerg

Dear Brian Gill

Can you give me some advice on choosing between 2 products? I have the possibility of either the Mindray M5 (demo model from 2010) and Sonosite Titan (slightly used from 2009). The prices are more or less the same.

The purpose is musculoskeletal scanning in my work as a chiropractor. I am relatively unexperienced in US scanning. I expect to keep the scanner 3-4 years and after that maybe upgrade to a newer model. Besides image quality I value things like resale value, easy external storage (e.g. DICOM), easy use, durability/portability.

Kind regards,

Marcos Chertman

I am looking for a system for small parts( Thyroid)I boutgh a GE logiqbook XP(refurbished ) but i found it to be not user friendly and the image is not clear .What are your recommendations?


hi, a friend was using both Titan and Logiqbook and compared that the former's quality image (meaning the Titan) deteriorates after about one year. Is this true? I really want to buy Titan because it's a lot cheaper but afraid this might really happen.

Brian Gill

The Titan systems are all similar and don't have as much of the advanced technologies as you'd see in the MicroMaxx. I would assume you would need one with a standard 60mm convex and the endovaginal transducer. Contact me at if you have other questions.

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hi.iam confuse in choosing the "right" Titan for me. for an obstetrician which would you suggest.bye



we are interested in buying an portable ultrasound scanner.
can u please give us
1) the vendors information in India for these two systems( Sonosite and logiq book XP).

2) the cost comparison in Rupees.

Thank you.

Leo Stewart

Great Blog. The BIG thing to consider before purchasing a Titan is this. I have a 4 yr old Titan which I love but just bought a new computer with Vista. The engineers tell me it should work. Unfortunately I cannot get the u/s images out of the Titan to my new computer. Sonosite says they have had other complaints but they don't know what the problem is. Must be a problem with the computers and therefore not their problem. In the mean time I am about to lose my job because no one at Sonosite knows how to make the Sitelink software work. Any one have the name of a good attorney? Anyone want a Titan, Works great, CHEAP!!!


hi.iam confuse in choosing between the two.for an obstetrician which would you suggest.bye

Brian Gill

Regarding the Voluson 730, the Logiqbook XP is a very different system, that was actually made by a different manufacturer. Beamformers in the Voluson can be a problem on some systems, but we've found a way to fix them and work out the problems. We haven't has as much trouble with the penetration, but it also depends on what you're looking for, which probe you're using, and which application (OB, GYN, Vascular, etc). The LogiqBook XP is an entirely different platform, but would not have the penetration of the Voluson (typically) in OB applications, although it does a good job for its price.
Overall, though, we have very few problems with the LogiqBook XPs.

carlos siles

i have worked alot with GE voluson 730 expert. i feel the penetrance of the GE are limited. We had a problem wiht the probe especially the 3 and 4 D. The beam former card also was a problem. I just lost its strength and we were in the dark. Are these problmes frequent in the logiqbook?


Great blog! Very helpful... THANKS


Marc Katz

Hi Brian,

I will be using the ultrasound for imaging and guidance for cryosurgery. I will be localizing nerves in the foot, ankle and leg and also looking for the vasculature. So what would you recommendation be and what do you think of the two units above versus the Medison Pico.




Which Sonosite transducer would be best for vein studies in the legs? And where do you recommend getting one? I am thinking of buying a used Titan from 2005 from a private owner; it looks okay but does anyone have advice about things to watch out for? It's missing a battery and I'm looking for a place to get one. Any feedback appreciated.


Marc (from Malaysia)

Dear Brian,

Nice comments on the two systems! Keep up the good work! Just wondering what are the advantages of using Titan or Micromax over Logiqbook in Pediatrics scanning? Thanks a lot! Take care!


Brian Gill

Hello Kenji,

The power consumption for the SonoSite Titan is listed at 1.2A MAX @ 100VAC. But you can plug the SonoSite Titan simply to charge the battery (maybe during the day?). It can run up to 2 hours off the battery... depending on your screen brightness and what you're using.

This system runs off less of an operating system with less overhead than the other systems out there. The SonoSite sytems boot up so quickly and there are FAR less resources being used by the operating system than the Windows-based systems such as the GE Logiqbook XP, or any of the other GE Logiq portable ultrasounds. Finally, it's a lot easier to use, more durable, and requires less training. I don't know of anything out there that combines these features as the SonoSite does... I would choose the SonoSite Titan or MicroMaxx depending on what you're looking to do.

I hope that answers your question. Thanks,

Kenji Sasaki

Hi, I enjoyed your write up! I may be helping to set up a field med lab in rural africa and power will be provided by solar panels, so every watt-hour counts. What is the general power consumption for these devices? is it lower for Sonosite since they were designed for the military?


Brian Gill

Hello Andre,
We typically sell the Logiqbook XP to veterinarians over the Sonosite Titan. One reason is the Titan used to be more expensive. The Titan would be better if you're not going out to the farm to look at horses or other animals... however, if the ultrasound will stay in the office, I would recommend you stick with the Logiqbook XP ultrasound machine. It's more versatile than the Sonosite Titan and you'll be able to customize it better to your needs. The Titan is much more limited in that scope. The Logiq e might be overkill for you, although it's a superior imaging system, you'll pay about $20,000 more for the Logiq e portable ultrasound. Scott has spoken with more vets about this, so you might want to call him at the office 866-347-7633 x 202 and he should be able to answer more questions.

Andre Laliberte

Which of these machines logiqbook xp (or e) or sonosite titan
would do better for a veterinarian in a general small animal (cats and dogs)practice. That would include cardiac function evaluation as well as abdominal imaging.
What probes would you suggest?

Brian Gill (Author)

These machines start in the high teens for a very basic setup and go all the way in to the $30,000 range for a setup with quite a few probes. Most setups are done somewhere in the $20,000 range. Prices for the Logiqbook XP and Sonosite Titan really depend on warranty, probes, DICOM, and your particular setup.


What do these machines cost? You might want to include that in your article. Sent you an email. Good article btw.
Doc Jim,

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